Dream Car!

Car Vlog
April 14, 2020

In this video I give you a walk around my dream car. 3 years ago I purchased my childhood dream car; a 1967 Chevelle. The Chevy Chevelle has and will be a classic muscle car we all idolize. Since I was a young boy, driving in my grandpa’s 1964 El Camino I was drawn to cars. It started off with muscle cars but then developed into pretty much anything cool with wheels. A couple little facts about my 1967 Chevy Chevelle: It’s a 1967 of course lol made by Cheverolet. It is a 300, which I believe is the 2 door post version of the Chevelle. The “not so desired” model, but still freaking awesome none the less. My 1967 Chevelle is powered by a 1967 Chevy 327 cubic inch v8 American Muscle engine. I have added power hydraulic assisted disc brakes, 18″ custom wheels, some maintenance stuff and an aluminum overflow tank.

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