Sand Lake Oregon Dunes Trip!!!

October 23, 2020

In this video a few of us head to Sand Lake Oregon for one of the last Oregon dune trips of the season. This trip was set up using my Facebook group called “BriGuy503’s Group” you can search it and join for free to stay up to date on our future rides. We always welcome fellow SXS owners to come ride with us. The more the merrier! For this ride we have a group of three Yamaha YXZ1000R’s and one CanAM x3. Usually the Oregon dunes are hit and miss for weather this time of year, but we got lucky and ran into a very nice, beautiful September day. I haven’t got to ride Sand Lake Oregon in awhile, so it was nice to switch it up and hit the dunes. We hit some fun trails and had a blast for 3 fun, epic days! Hope you enjoy the ride, because I know we did!

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