We Got Rock Crawlers!

RC Cars
February 21, 2021

In this video my son Carson and I buy some new toys. I picked up a set of the Axial 1/24 scale rc rock crawlers to play inside our house while the weather wasn’t too great. Soon we found ourselves building a rock crawling course in our backyard for these mini crawlers. After about a week of playing with these awesome little machines, I decided we need to up our game. So I headed out and bought some Axial SCX10 1/10 scale rock crawlers for the both of us. That very same day we started adding larger scale items to our small 1/24 scale rock crawling course. Now we have a decent and ever growing course that we’ll continue to add sections week by week as we think of things to build. Hopefully you enjoy this video, we had a blast filming it; enjoy!

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