My First Time out Sourcing!

Ebay Flipping
February 4, 2019

My new side hustle video series, video #2

Welcome to my new video series! In this series of videos I’m going to be filming my journey of selling on ebay and amazon. I’ll be sourcing items at garage sales, thrift stores, goodwill, walmart and pretty much anywhere I can find a deal.

In this video I take you along on my first time sourcing. We go to The Dollar Tree and Goodwill. I’m new to this thrift store sourcing thing, so bare with me as I learn the ways. I start off going to The Dollar Tree for some online arbitrage and soon find out the profits are so low I begin to wonder if it’s worth it. The small items I buy at The Dollar Tree are just stepping stones into bigger things I hope to sell on Amazon. But I guess we’ll see.

After my trip to The Dollar Tree I stop off at Goodwill for some thrifting. I soon find out that there is alot more money to be made sourcing at a thrift store. I spend around $90 for a potential total sale of $400 worth of merchandise. My Goodwill haul was not too bad for my first thrift store haul in my journey of becoming an ebay reseller.

Hopefully you enjoy the video of my first time sourcing, thanks for watching!

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