New Exhaust Sounds Sick!

October 26, 2021

In this video I install a CTS Turbo Intake, ARM Motorsports downpipe and REV9 Catback exhaust on my 2011 Volkswagen MK6 GTI. Through out the video I install each part and give a sound sound comparison of what the new modification sounds like. I personally wanted a loud sounding exhaust, that is why I went with this setup. If you do not want a loud exhaust, I’d suggest not installing the REV9 catback exhaust and stick with the stock catback exhaust. OR at least get the REV9 catback with mufflers. My setup is WITHOUT mufflers. Also, the ARM motorsports downpipe that I installed is the CATLESS downpipe. Meaning it has no catalytic converter on it. That also adds to the louder noise. The CTS Turbo intake did give it a little more throaty sound, but it didn’t sound too loud. You definitely notice it more when you add the ARM Motorsports downpipe. Hopefully this video helps you decide what exhaust system you want to add to your MK6 Golf GTI. Thanks for watching, and reading. lol I don’t think people actually read these descriptions.

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