Can AM x3 Hits Quad Rider Head On

June 21, 2020

Can Am x3 hits Honda TRX450r head on in the Oregon Dunes at Winchester Bay.

I made this video to just show how dangerous things can be when you’re not paying attention when riding in the dunes, or really anywhere. Hopefully this brings awareness and will help people pay more attention when riding. Thankfully no one was hurt in this accident, but it could have been alot worse. The Can Am x3 drivers blew past the large group of riders at the bottom of the hill without stopping or even knowing what was going on at Banshee Hill. Though there isn’t a law stating this hill climb is a one way; it’s clear what the rotation of everyone riding the hill at this time. EVERYONE was going up the right side and coming down the left side. So please, just be careful if you’re not sure of what the proper protocol is when riding. Stop, watch and see whats going on. Side by sides are large and weigh alot compared to a quad or dirt bike, so they can do alot of damage so just take that extra precaution. Thanks for watching and ride safe!

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