First Mud at Brown’s Camp!!

October 6, 2019

In this week’s video some friends and I go riding at Browns Camp located in the Tillamook State Forest. This ride at Brown’s Camp was kind of special. Why was it special you ask? well, because it was all YXZ100R UTV that went riding. You dont normally see YXZ1000R tearing up the mud and forest. Typically you think of the YXZ1000R to be a dune reving machine. Well, not today! This weekend was pretty much the first weekend with some rain, so it was pretty much our first mud of the season. Great fun for riding, but not all that great for capturing the moment on camera. I used the footage that I could, but alot of it was ruined by rain or mud on the lens of the camera. Hopefully you enjoy the footage I was able to salvage.

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