My 2nd Time out Sourcing

Ebay Flipping
February 11, 2019

In this video I take you along on my 2nd time out sourcing. We go to Goodwill Outlet thrift store, Salvation Army thrift store and stumble upon a random Value Village thrift store. I’m still very new to sourcing so I’m still unsure on what to look for. I’m pretty much just looking for items that I see other youtubers suggesting in their videos. With time this is something I’ll learn and get better at doing. These videos are just a great way to track my progression and growth in my new found hobby.

If you’re new to the channel, in this video series I’ll be going to thrift stores such as goodwill outlet, salvation army and any other random thrift stores I come across to find items to resell for profit on ebay. Ebay selling has been around many years and is still one of the top ways to sell goods online. I still work a normal 40hr/week job and I’m just planning to make some money on the side as a hobby. Or as some may call it, a side hustle.

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