My Switch Panel Setup

August 18, 2019

In this video I show you how I built my own rocker switch panel for my 2019 Yamaha YXZ1000R. There are currently many rocker switch panels on the market, but I decided to make my own. This video is not an exact DIY for the YXZ but I think I share enough of how to wire a rocker switch that you can follow along and be able to wire up your own rocker panel switch for any UTV. The switch panel that I built for my YXZ1000R is specific for the Yamaha UTV, but the wiring and process will be very similar to all UTV’s. In the diy install of the rocker switch panel I use some 1 inch rocker panel switches, a 10-fuse fuse box and a 5 pin relay. I also show you how I set up my rugged radio set up for communications. The rugged radio set up that I use is the rugged radio RH-5r with extended antenna and extended battery. I also use the Rugged radio motorcycle wire harness.

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