The Best Action camera for UNDER $150!

August 27, 2018

In this video I tell you about my experience using the Yi Action Camera 4k. I’ve used it for 11 months and still continue to use it. When searching for a camera I found that the Yi Action Camera 4k was the best alternative to the main competitor GOPRO. GoPro is a great camera but I just found that this camera, for the price out performed the GoPro that is priced at the same price of this Yi Action Camera 4k at only $149 now, but $199 at the time I purchased it. I upgraded to a Canon G9x after my yi action camera broke at my own fault. I abused it and now the sound doesn’t work. So now I just use it for it’s great time lapse feature.

If you plan to buy the yi action camera I strongly encourage buying the waterproof case on the Yi website because it was water and dust that ultimately killed my yi action camera 4k.

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